Hemptation: Buildings. Plastics. Textiles.

Hemptation are cultivating Hemp in Norfolk and the UK to grow a carbon negative economy and to see a plastics free world in the next 10 years. Join Us.

Reduce Reuse Recycle #Replace


Hempcrete is an amazing all-natural material made of nothing but hemp pulp, lime and water.

Hempcrete is non-toxic, super insulating, termite-resistant, fire-resistant, mould-resistant, rot-resistant, breathable and will last for hundreds of years with the added benefit of sequestering massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere helping to deal with all those emissions.

While hempcrete is a new phenomenon to most of us alive today, archaeologists believe a similar technology was used as far back as ancient Egypt.


Carbon negative homes.

Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs and Happiness Architecture Beauty on Hemp Housing.


Bio-polymers aren’t new and with today’s technology, the possibilities for a plastics free world are very real.

Products like brake pads made from Hemp fibre and cashew oil can remove harmful particles entering our biosphere.

We’re applying to the Government’s Small Business Research Initiative to tackle non-exhaust road vehicle air pollution.


Hemp fibre is stronger than cotton, uses much less water to grow and doesn’t require harmful pesticides & herbicides.

Designers like Donatella Versace, Behnaz Sarafour, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Isabel Toledo, and Calvin Klein weave their magic with Hemp & Organic Cotton Jersey Knits and Hemp Silk Charmeuse.

It’s naturally antimicrobial and ideal for uniforms in the NHS, schools and for fashion brands like Hoodlamb.

Hemptation hope to collaborate with the Leicestershire Textiles Hub to revolutionise clothing materials use in the UK.

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